Death Breath Valley (Available Now) eBook and Paperback

Death Breath Valley by yours truly is now available in both print and digital formats via the link below! Please feel free to like, love, and share.

Cover art by Justin T. Coons.

Book Description: Casey Carmichael is on the run after committing a violent murder when he runs into two strange babes at the laundromat. After sensing his frantic distress, they offer to take him home with them to meet the leader of their cult. After a night of partying, the crew decides to go out on a ghost hunting adventure. One problem, they don’t have any of that fancy, paranormal gear to do so, and what good is a good old-fashioned ghost hunt without a means to record their ghastly encounters with the dead? After the crew burglarizes the local Ghost Stop, the store owner and the cops aren’t the only one’s chasing them. No, they’ve got a much bigger problem on their hands now, and there’s only one creature left on the face of the planet that can save them, and, he’s well… not so easy to locate these days.

Death Breath Valley is an action-packed 1970s style Bizarro Fiction adventure story meets an episode of the hit paranormal investigation television series, Ghost Adventures, chock full of enough of that freaky-deaky, ghastly fun, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll entertainment for the whole family up in here.

Lovecraft, ghosts, cults, crime, sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, babes, and magic galore. Oh my!!!

Brought to you by the fine folks over at Riot Forge.




2018 Reading List/ Top 10 of the Year

2018 Reading list: 44 of 50 books read (attached is a link to my top ten of the year).…/top-ten-books-…

The Island- Matt Shaw
Cold Dead Hands- Jeff Strand
Live Girls- Ray Garton
A Series of Pained Facial Expressions While Shredding Air Guitar- Brian Alan Ellis
Failure Pie in a Sadness Face- Brian Alan Ellis
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Omnibus)- Eigi Otsuka
The Siren and the Spectre- Jonathan Janz
Starve Better- Nick Mamatas
The Window- Glenn Rolfe
Orphans of Wonderland- Greg F. Gifune
We Don’t Talk About Her- Andersen Prunty
SIP- Brian Allen Carr
Practioners (A Novel)- Matt Hayward & Patrick Lacey
Welcome to the Show (Anthology) edited by Doug Murano
Journey to the Edge of the Flat Earth- Jeff O’Brien
Sea of Rust- C. Robert Cargill
Overnight- Philip Fracassi
The Very Ineffective Haunted House- Jeff Burk
INDEH (Graphic Novel)- Ethan Hawke
Archangel (Graphic Novel)- William Gibson
Animals Eat Each Other- Elle Nash
Irrationalia- Andersen Prunty
The Last of the Hippies- Penny Rimbaud
A Better Life- Kyle M. Scott
The Garbage Times/ White Ibis- Sam Pink
Old Order- Jonathan Janz
A Winter Sleep- Greg F. Gifune
Ritual- Tim Miller
Shiloh- Philip Fracassi
Polymer- Caleb Wilson
Clash Books/Magazine- Christoph Paul & Leza Cantoral
He Digs a Hole- Danger Slater
Alphabet Soup (Horror Stories)- Tobias Wade
Gods of the Dark Web- Lucas Mangum
Stacking Doll- Carlton Mellick III
Sexting Ghosts- Joanna C. Valente
Office Mutant- Pete Risley
If You Died Tomorrow I would Eat Your Corpse- Wrath James White
The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Neil Gaiman
Sick House- Jeff Strand
Corpse Cold- John Brhel
Forest Underground- Lydian Faust
Parasite Milk- Carlton Mellick III
Hold For Release Until the End of the World- C.V. Hunt



Signed Books Available

Christies Celebrate The Professor Sir Albert Richardson Collection
Did you know you can purchase signed copies of my books directly from me? Well, if not, now you do. I keep a handful of the books found below in stock on my personal shelves, and I will sign and ship them anywhere!

Signed books available and prices below (Click to view on Amazon)…

The Black Kiss (appropriate for all ages)
Pink Planet (Adult themed XXX/ Bizarro Fiction)
SELRES_4d680b6c-f31f-4974-8007-ce5dbc36eea3SELRES_4f2cd056-ecaf-4654-831d-221c967aad9fSELRES_80ae7b3b-db87-4c5b-9d80-586a9c9a34a9Globster Time MachineSELRES_80ae7b3b-db87-4c5b-9d80-586a9c9a34a9SELRES_4f2cd056-ecaf-4654-831d-221c967aad9fSELRES_4d680b6c-f31f-4974-8007-ce5dbc36eea3  (Bizarro Fiction/Science Fiction/ Adult)

1 for 14$
2 for 20$
3 for 30$

Shipping included anywhere in the U.S.

Outside the U.S.? I’ll still ship them just add 4$

Paypal ( with titles and appropriate dollar amount (preferably as a gift but whatever), along with a shipping address where I can ship your item. Have special shipping instructions? Include them, too, or feel free to email me at the address above.


A Letter to Ana De Armas From Blade Runner 2049


I just wanted to let you know how cool I thought it was when I saw you were going to be in the new movie. I think it’s pretty awesome that Blade Runner is being redone, and I usually don’t feel that way when movies are remade, so this is definitely an exception. I think you’re going to blow away the audience with your superb acting skills. You were really good in War Dogs and Knock, Knock, too. No, not who’s there. It’s just me. No, c’mon now… Not it’s just me who. Really?

This is getting ridiculous.

Okay, fine. I’m giving up and giving in. It’s just me who thinks you played the role of Bell really well in that movie Eli Roth directed, even though I don’t care for Keanu Reeves. I don’t really know why. I just never have. He was okay as the doctor in Thumbsucker, but in every other movie he’s been in as the main character he just comes off as one of those actors that will always be himself and you can’t see him as the character he is supposed to be portraying and I just can’t help but thinking his acting is subpar at best. I could never even get into the fucking Matrix because of that asshole.

The Black Kiss: A Post-Apocalyptic Cyber Horror thriller with Robots and Vampires

Black Kiss - High Resolution

The Black Kiss written by yours truly and published by Riot Forge is now available on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase your copy today! Paperback coming soon in 2018!

“There’s one lone survivor lingering amongst the darkness in the ruins. His name is Dredg. Can he save himself from The Robotic Circuitry while the Genetic Order is in full swing? Any and all humans have been banned from this beloved Earth. Bots patrol the old stomping grounds where his family died. They are armed and dangerous with one thing on their mind, DEATH. But, there’s a secret buried even deeper underground. A legend, if you will. An ancient secret that will remain immortal forever. A legend bound in flesh and only released through the black lips of Mordecai. The Black Kiss is a digital post-apocalyptic cyber-thriller with robots and vampires galore. Brought to you by the fine folks over at Riot Forge.”

Random Memory Vessels (Neo-Beat Fiction) HARDCOVER EDITION


Random Memory Vessels is now available from Black Dharma Press. Creative and innovative Neo-Beat Fiction inspired by the likes of William S. Burroughs.

Cover art by Matthew Revert

A real head trip.

Click the link below to reserve your LIMITED HARDCOVER EDITION today.