2018 Reading List/ Top 10 of the Year

2018 Reading list: 44 of 50 books read (attached is a link to my top ten of the year).


The Island- Matt Shaw
Cold Dead Hands- Jeff Strand
Live Girls- Ray Garton
A Series of Pained Facial Expressions While Shredding Air Guitar- Brian Alan Ellis
Failure Pie in a Sadness Face- Brian Alan Ellis
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Omnibus)- Eigi Otsuka
The Siren and the Spectre- Jonathan Janz
Starve Better- Nick Mamatas
The Window- Glenn Rolfe
Orphans of Wonderland- Greg F. Gifune
We Don’t Talk About Her- Andersen Prunty
SIP- Brian Allen Carr
Practioners (A Novel)- Matt Hayward & Patrick Lacey
Welcome to the Show (Anthology) edited by Doug Murano
Journey to the Edge of the Flat Earth- Jeff O’Brien
Sea of Rust- C. Robert Cargill
Overnight- Philip Fracassi
The Very Ineffective Haunted House- Jeff Burk
INDEH (Graphic Novel)- Ethan Hawke
Archangel (Graphic Novel)- William Gibson
Animals Eat Each Other- Elle Nash
Irrationalia- Andersen Prunty
The Last of the Hippies- Penny Rimbaud
A Better Life- Kyle M. Scott
The Garbage Times/ White Ibis- Sam Pink
Old Order- Jonathan Janz
A Winter Sleep- Greg F. Gifune
Ritual- Tim Miller
Shiloh- Philip Fracassi
Polymer- Caleb Wilson
Clash Books/Magazine- Christoph Paul & Leza Cantoral
He Digs a Hole- Danger Slater
Alphabet Soup (Horror Stories)- Tobias Wade
Gods of the Dark Web- Lucas Mangum
Stacking Doll- Carlton Mellick III
Sexting Ghosts- Joanna C. Valente
Office Mutant- Pete Risley
If You Died Tomorrow I would Eat Your Corpse- Wrath James White
The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Neil Gaiman
Sick House- Jeff Strand
Corpse Cold- John Brhel
Forest Underground- Lydian Faust
Parasite Milk- Carlton Mellick III
Hold For Release Until the End of the World- C.V. Hunt