Death Breath Valley (Available Now) eBook and Paperback

Death Breath Valley by yours truly is now available in both print and digital formats via the link below! Please feel free to like, love, and share.

Cover art by Justin T. Coons.

Book Description: Casey Carmichael is on the run after committing a violent murder when he runs into two strange babes at the laundromat. After sensing his frantic distress, they offer to take him home with them to meet the leader of their cult. After a night of partying, the crew decides to go out on a ghost hunting adventure. One problem, they don’t have any of that fancy, paranormal gear to do so, and what good is a good old-fashioned ghost hunt without a means to record their ghastly encounters with the dead? After the crew burglarizes the local Ghost Stop, the store owner and the cops aren’t the only one’s chasing them. No, they’ve got a much bigger problem on their hands now, and there’s only one creature left on the face of the planet that can save them, and, he’s well… not so easy to locate these days.

Death Breath Valley is an action-packed 1970s style Bizarro Fiction adventure story meets an episode of the hit paranormal investigation television series, Ghost Adventures, chock full of enough of that freaky-deaky, ghastly fun, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll entertainment for the whole family up in here.

Lovecraft, ghosts, cults, crime, sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, babes, and magic galore. Oh my!!!

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