FEET! The Foot Fetish Anthology

FEET! The Foot Fetish Anthology

COMING SOON FROM DYNATOX MINISTRIES is an anthology of stories about FEET! My short story “Allie” is in here alongside so many other great and talented authors who also love the concept of a nice foot. Edited by BOSS KRALL. TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF AND STAY AWHILE!

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The Diptera Effect (Ugly Babies Vol. II)

The Diptera Effect (Ugly Babies Vol. II)

Very happy to share that my story “The Diptera Effect” has been published alongside so many other great authors. Ugly Babies 2 from JWK Publishing is a rare collection of obscure horror stories that centers around the concept of weird, unfortunate, and horrific children and/or babies. There are some very weird stories in this thing. Mine personally has something to do with flies and maggots. CHECK IT OUT!!!!

The Dream Ward

The Dream Ward

My book The Dream Ward is available again for preorder via Dynatox Ministries. It is limited to 50 copies. A unique blend of weird science fiction and bizarre horror. For fans of Thomas Ligotti and Barry Malzberg. The Dream Ward is a story about a girl. An experimental dream sector in the Nagasaki State Mental Hospital. It’s basically an adventure fueled by love and psychosis. And sometimes death. Blurring the lines of reality with madness and dreams.


Cover art by the beautiful Ms. Patricia Benitez