Allison by Jeff Strand- Book Review

Jeff Strand
Amazon Services, LLC (Mar 15, 2020)
eBook/ Trade Paperback/ 270 pp


“Some might say that if a woman had the power to severely harm or kill you with her mind, and she couldn’t control this power, it was best not to date her. There was a definite logic to that point of view.”

Alright, folks. One of our favorites in the genre has just managed to do it again. Strand delivers to us a new and compelling, visually-stunning, fast-paced read of brilliant action-packed telekinetic superpower goodness in his latest book here and she comes by the name of, Allison. But, be careful ghouls and gals. Especially if swiping right and hitting the mean streets of today’s up and coming dating scene. But, let’s also take a moment to breathe and take in the beautiful cover art created by the talented cover artist, Lynne Hansen.

“Takes the girl-with-supernatural-powers-gets-pushed-too-far trope and makes it delicious again.” — Errant Dreams

Allison can break your bones with her mind, and she can’t control her power. Now forty-five years old, she’s spent her life trying to stay away from other people. But a random encounter with a couple on the street leaves her believing that she may have done something horrible. Something unforgivable. Killer-for-hire Daxton and his girlfriend Maggie know the truth. Instead of easing Allison’s anguish, they come up with a cruel plan to take advantage of it. But with Allison’s abilities exposed, there may be a grisly body count very soon…

From its shocking opening to its sinister conclusion, ALLISON is Jeff Strand at his over-the-top best!

“The idea that she could just… crush him from the inside out like that was terrifying.”

You may need more than a pocket full of contraceptives for this pretty little lady because you might just get yourself into a little bit more than what you bargained for. Just in case that’s not clear enough for you, I’d like to remind you that we’re not talking about happy endings and puppy dog kisses over here. Nope, we’re talking about big, bad infamous mob bosses here spinning a tale full of gore, blood-curdling, neck-snapping, intestine-munching madness with no hope and despair. Especially if you’re the one trying to tame such a beast. She’s wild and crazy folks, so be careful what you wish for. There might not be a soul left alive on this planet that is strong enough to pin this one down.

Check it out!!!

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