Jon R. Meyers is an author at Riot Forge and Dynatox Ministries based out of East Borneo, New Jersey. His work has appeared in a number of various publications in Cult, Horror, and Weird Fiction realms. Jon is thirty-two years old and is currently residing in the murky depths of Northwest Indiana.

For more information please feel free to visit him at:

Jon R. Meyers is probably one of the biggest messes to ever walk the face of the planet and is constantly struggling to function in a world that doesn’t really make sense. He spends most of his time self-loathing and focusing on music, art, and writing to create some sort of a makeshift home to pass the time and to also stay as far away from the real world as possible. Jon R. Meyers is 28 years old, has a black-belt in Black Magic, and is currently residing in the murky depths of Northwest Indiana.

Influences- Post Traumatic Stress, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Frank Sinatra, Black Magic, Arthur Nersesian, Horror Movies, Japanese Anime, Bizarro Fiction, Heartache, Depression, Mark Webber, Robert Smith and countless failed relationships.

Writer @ Dynatox Ministries

All material , UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED are original and copyrighted works written by Jon R. Meyers and are not to be reused or solicited in any way, shape, or form without the author’s consent.

For more info contact me at meyers808@gmail.com

or Find me on facebook.


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