The Devil’s Woods by Brian Moreland- Book Review

The Devil’s Woods
Brian Moreland
Rising Horse Books (June 6, 2017)
eBook/ Trade Paperback/ 310 pp

“The forest on our land is sacred and alive. So be careful how far you wander. The trees have eyes, and they’re always watching…”

Alright, folks… let’s all take a deep breath, pretend that we’re not boarded up within the confines of our own homes binging daytime soaps on the streaming television sets, and enter the dark, shadowy woods of a native village haunted by ghosts. I don’t know about you but, I’m hella into the sound of all that dark jazz, and wanted to give a little shout-out to this book in case anyone else missed it when it first came out a couple years ago like I did. ‘The Devil’s Woods’ is a supernatural horror thriller with Native American lore from yesteryear!? Now, you can say that again! It’s also a huge plus when the author absolutely nails it out of the horror park so to speak with a cast of super well-developed characters that we as the reader are able to follow right alongside those same very haunted footsteps as their paths become engulfed by flames as some of our worst nightmares and then some come true before our very eyes.

“Fear wears many skins. Deep within the Canadian wilderness, people have been disappearing for over a century. There is a place the locals call The Devil’s Woods, but to speak of it will only bring the devil to your door. It is a place so evil that even animals avoid it. When their father’s expedition team goes missing, Kyle and his brother and sister return to the abandoned Cree Indian reservation where they were born. Kyle can see the ghosts that haunt the woods surrounding the village—and they seem to be trying to warn him. The search for their father will lead Kyle and his siblings to the dark heart of the legendary forest, where their mission will quickly become a fight for survival.”

“You must call in your animal spirit guide and enter with the heart of a warrior.”

With many twists and turns leading up to an action-packed ending with even more twists and turns located on nearly every page. This is an absolute must read for anyone who likes their fiction jam-packed with horror and suspense. To shy the story-line away from being anywhere near predictable, the author has carefully included many of those lovable horror tropes found in the modern supernatural thriller, but then has also managed to ever so graciously take all the necessary steps to mash it up into something much more terrifying, suspenseful, unique and overly creative to share with us as the reader, and I found myself loving every second of it.

Check it out!

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