Starving Romantic by Vincent James Perrone- Book Review

Starving Romantic
Vincent James Perrone
11:11 PRESS (Sep 8, 2019)
eBook/ Trade Paperback/ 102 pp


Alright, folks. Listen up. If shorter works and/or poetry collections are more your cup of tea then you might want to stick around a little bit longer for this one. On the outside, a gruesome and shocking cover that actually rather quite beautifully depicts and coincides with the pain and suffering going on within its pages. Starving Romantic, is a brutally honest piece of psychological lamentation that captures the heartfelt essence and imagery of films like Winter’s Bone mixed with those timelessly subtle undertones of drowning in the Midwest at some type of socially estranged gathering and/or brouhaha, chock full of that great kind of lingering sadness only found towards the bottom of a dark, bottomless pit filled of pain and suffering, hopeless despair and thickened ultra-black sadness that we have all experienced in our human lives at one point or another whether dealing with personal issues and/or depression, loss of a family member, a recent breakup, tragedy, tragedy, tragedy. You know, those other more negative thoughts and feelings that take us away from our happy place(s), but yet with that underlying necessity of just being because without those kind of negative feelings and attachments, the good times we experience wouldn’t be so damn good. They wouldn’t even register or be visible to the naked eye or in this case heart. The book is overall very well-written, highly creative, lyrical, heartbreaking, and emotional whilst managing to be overly dreamy and dreamlike with this beautiful dystopianesque ethereal/intergalactic/otherworldly type of sad and dreary atmosphere set in the bleeding hearts of the Midwest. So, let’s lace up those work boots, folks. We’ve got some serious work ahead of us before we die.

The fumes of crowded Greyhound buses, a Floridian coast visited by Father Time, a woman with a penchant for birds and elevators—what is the substance of humility?

Written in three sections, Starving Romantic explores themes of loss, family, home, and love through a hyperreal lyricism. The backdrops are often the forgotten Midwest, the sprawling landscapes of Detroit, and the anonymous house, complete with porch and backyard.

Starving Romantic lives in chaos, between its own conflicted nature. A celebration of turbulence, romance, and youth and the lingering pain that it brings with it.

Some of my personal favorites from this outstanding poetry collection were ‘The Landing,’Underripe,’Other Seasons,’Barbs, Baby Teeth, and Weekends.’

Check it out!!!

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