Luciferin by J. Peter W.- Book Review

J. Peter W.
Grindhouse Press (Feb 3, 2020)
eBook/ Trade Paperback/ 92pp


“They’re barely sixty years old and they look like hundred-year-old corpses.”

OMG, okay… I absolutely loved this book. It’s weird. It’s fun. It’s unique. It’s highly creative and very well-written, which was honestly very much to be expected being that the novella was published by Grindhouse Press and all, who has managed to time and time again prove their publishing game to be very much unique and top-notch. The real magic in this book I believe though comes in the form of its quirky, offbeat, deadpan humor, and the overall brilliant use of simplistic everyday items and events mixed fluently and flawlessly alongside a cast of strange and lovable (as well as a few not-so-lovable) characters as the far weirder concepts of the book naturally unfold as the story progresses.

After having to cancel their summer beach vacation, Daniel and his girlfriend Natalie head off to the small sunless town of Luciferin to rescue Daniel’s parents who appear to have gone mad. They’re sitting around watching porn all the time and randomly and neurotically staring blankly off into space all the while laughing belligerently at presumably nothing at all. Plus, Daniel’s father is convinced that his mother isn’t even human anymore but that of a demon and has been for years while he’s been gone. Things really start to take a turn for the worse when a mysterious girl by the name of Lilith, who shows up randomly in the middle of the backyard. Daniel soon discovers that he’s just invited in far more than he can handle, as he is forced to try and rekindle his relationship with his overemotional sister, Deborah, who is at all times one second away from walking away from it all. When Daniel’s girlfriend turns up missing, he is forced to work with Deborah. The two of them head up to the Lucid Light factory, where there’s more than just the yellow glow of the fireflies lingering in total darkness amongst the shadows.

Very much recommended. Check it out!

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