A Letter to Ana De Armas From Blade Runner 2049


I just wanted to let you know how cool I thought it was when I saw you were going to be in the new movie. I think it’s pretty awesome that Blade Runner is being redone, and I usually don’t feel that way when movies are remade, so this is definitely an exception. I think you’re going to blow away the audience with your superb acting skills. You were really good in War Dogs and Knock, Knock, too. No, not who’s there. It’s just me. No, c’mon now… Not it’s just me who. Really?

This is getting ridiculous.

Okay, fine. I’m giving up and giving in. It’s just me who thinks you played the role of Bell really well in that movie Eli Roth directed, even though I don’t care for Keanu Reeves. I don’t really know why. I just never have. He was okay as the doctor in Thumbsucker, but in every other movie he’s been in as the main character he just comes off as one of those actors that will always be himself and you can’t see him as the character he is supposed to be portraying and I just can’t help but thinking his acting is subpar at best. I could never even get into the fucking Matrix because of that asshole.

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